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Frequently asked questions

  • How does ID My Athlete Work?
    ID My Athlete was started to help simplify the information sending process of youth athlete information to college coaches through a personalized website. The personalized website also makes it more convenient for coaches to have all of an athlete's information in one area and have the ability to re-visit the info at any time without having to search for clips and info that was emailed to them. ID My Athlete will aso be an areas to provide important info and tips on the recruitment process and how to maintain appropriate and relevant social media platforms for your athlete to help them ged identified.
  • How does a personalized website help my athlete?
    A personalized website for your athlete that houses their personal, school and sports info along with their video highlights, photographs and contact information makes it easier for a youth athlete to attach a link to their website in an email than always having to attach seperate files and bits of information. The website also makes it easier for college coaches to view all of the athlete's information in one area and will be able to re-visit it easily whenever they need to or when information is updated and sent back to the coaches.
  • What youth sports is a personalized website best used for?
    A personalized website through ID My Athlete works for ALL youth sports where athlete's have ambitions and goals to play sports beyond High School.
  • After the website is created, do we have to update our own website?"
    No. As part of the package, ID My Athlete will update your athlete's website as needed. Whether it be an update in their personal or sport resume, new video highlights or pictures, or an update of their game schedule, ID My Athlete will update and maintain the website.
  • Is having a personlized website developed expensive?
    The main objective of ID My Athlete is to provide a web solution that will not break your bank. Pricing is structured to match the number of years a youth athlete has in High School and discounts are built in to the pricing for multiple year packages. Payment plans are available.
  • What happens after the package has ended?
    Once the package has ended and the athlete is now in college, the athlete and or their parents will have the ability to take over the website and the domain if they so choose. As the package comes close to coming to an end, we will reach out to help you determine what is best.
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